UCSD Summer Program for Women in Philosophy

Directed by Clinton Tolley, Professor Philosophy, UC San Diego

The Summer Program for Women in Philosophy is one of the first undergraduate summer enrichment programs dedicated to building opportunities for women in the field of philosophy. Though the primary focus is on women, an additional goal is to bring underrepresented minorities into the field.

SPAWP is a ten-day program for undergraduates who are interested in pursuing graduate study in philosophy while promoting gender inclusivity. SPAWP is hosted by the UC San Diego Philosophy Department, and features philosophy seminar courses taught by visiting and UC San Diego faculty, along with a variety of workshops taught by faculty and graduate students — all geared towards providing an engaging philosophical learning experience and helpful preparation for applying to and succeeding at graduate school in philosophy and beyond.

Established in 2014, the program offers two intensive philosophy seminars, workshops about the profession and applying to graduate programs, and opportunities to network with students and faculty mentors. Participants considered for admission not only have demonstrated philosophical talent and promise, but may also come from institutions with fewer resources, or have overcome hardships or obstacles.

Read more about SPAWP, including application information, on the UC San Diego Website.

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