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2024 Philosophy in Media Fellowship: Leaders and Fellows

We are delighted to announce our 2024 Media Fellows. Fellows were selected from a pool of 277 applicants this year through a selection committee consisting of academic philosophers and media industry professionals. Generously funded by grants from the Mellon Foundation, the Sloan Foundation, and Princeton University's Center for Human Values and the Department of Philosophy, our Philosophy in Media Initiative aims to increase the presence of philosophy in print, audio, and video media by training philosophers to write and produce for the public, and by connecting philosophers to editors and commissioners in the media industry. Media Fellows will receive workshop training at Tarrytown Estates, NY, lodging and meals at the workshops, connections to industry professionals, and a $3000 honorarium.

Learn more about the workshop leaders and the 2024 Philosophy in Media Fellows below!

Workshop Leaders

Barry Lam, Director

Director, Philosophy in Media Initiative; Host/Exec. Producer, Hi-Phi Nation

Joshua Rothman, Longform

Staff Writer, The New Yorker

Larissa MacFarquhar, Longform

Staff Writer, The New Yorker

Emily Greenhouse, Longform

Editor, The New York Review of Books

James Ryerson, Op-Ed and Trade Books

Opinion Editor at The New York Times

Margo Beth Fleming, Op-Ed and Trade Books

Managing Director of Brockman, Inc.

Kieran Setiya, Op-Ed and Trade Books

Professor of Philosophy at MIT

Emily Wunderlich, Op-Ed and Trade Books

Senior Editor at  Viking

Latif Nasser, Podcasting

Host, WNYC’s Radiolab

Mia Lobel, Podcasting

Former head of content at Pushkin Industries and Executive Producer of Revisionist History

Christy Mirabal, Podcasting

Senior Director, Audience Growth at SiriusXM

2024 Philosophy in Media Fellows

Longform Magazine Writing

Ashley Atkins

Western Michigan University
Associate Professor, Philosophy

Idil Cakmur

University of Pennsylvania
PhD Student, Philosophy

David Egan

Koç University

Sydney Harvey

CUNY Graduate Center
PhD Student, Philosophy

Athmeya Jayaram

The Hastings Center
Research Scholar

Hannah Kim

University of Arizona
Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Alex King

Simon Fraser University
Associate Professor, Philosophy

Lauren Lyons

Rutgers University: New Brunswick
PhD Student, Philosophy

Amy Marvin

Lafayette College
Louise M. Olmsted Fellow in Ethics

Arthur Obst

Princeton University
Postdoctoral Associate, High Meadows Environmental Institute, Center for Human Values

Shivani Radhakrishnan

Williams College, Vassar College (June 2024)
Gaius Bolin Fellow

Joy Shim

Princeton University
Postgraduate Research Associate

Alejandro Vesga

Princeton University
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Youngbin Yoon

University of Pennsylvania
PhD Candidate, Philosophy

Jason Yonover

Princeton University
Desai Family Postdoctoral Research Associate, Philosophy

Op-Ed and Trade Books

Amy Berg

Oberlin College / Rice University (July 2024)
Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Jacob Berger

Lycoming College
Associate Professor, Philosophy

Mavis Biss

Loyola University Maryland
Professor, Philosophy

Andrew Chignell

Princeton University
Laurence S. Rockefeller Professor, Center for Human Values, Depts. of Religion and Philosophy

Catherine Clune-Taylor

Princeton University
Assistant Professor, Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Katherine Davies

The University of Texas at Dallas
Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Iskra Fileva

University of Colorado, Boulder
Associate Professor, Philosophy

Gabriella Hulsey

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
PhD Candidate, Philosophy

Victor Kumar

Boston University
Assistant Professor, Philosophy; Director, Mind and Morality Lab

Céline Leboeuf

Florida International University
Associate Professor, Philosophy

Tracy Llanera

University of Connecticut
Associate Professor (with tenure), Philosophy

Graham Parsons

United States Military Academy, West Point
Associate Professor, English and Philosophy

Erica Preston-Roedder

Occidental College
Resident Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Benjamin Santos Genta

University of California, Irvine
Doctoral Candidate, Logic and Philosophy of Science

Yolonda Wilson

St. Louis University
Associate Professor, Health Care Ethics, Philosophy, and African American Studies


Laura Cisneros

Golden Gate University
Professor, School of Law

Maureen Eckert

UMass Dartmouth
Professor, Philosophy

Celia Edell

University of British Columbia
FRQSC Postdoctoral Fellow, Philosophy

James Garrison

University of Massachusetts Lowell
Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Eleanor Gordon-Smith

Princeton University
Postdoc, Philosophy

Kevin Irakoze

University of Chicago
Doctoral Student, Philosophy

Jennifer Kling

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
Associate Professor, Philosophy

Nick Kroll

Franklin & Marshall College
Co-Director, Institute of the Mechanical Surround; Chair, Philosophy

Urte Laukaityte

University of California, Berkeley
Doctoral Student, Philosophy

Lemogang Modisakeng

Nelson Mandela University
Lecturer, Philosophy

Ashley Pryor

University of Toledo
Associate Professor, Philosophy, the Jesup Scott Honors College

Daniel Sportiello

University of Mary
Associate Professor, Philosophy

Alejandro David Tamez

University of Kansas
Assistant Research Professor/ Research Program Director, Institute for Information Sciences

Alberto Urquidez

James Madison University
Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religion

Coleen Watson

United States Military Academy at West Point
Visiting Assistant Professor, Philosophy

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