MSF Conference in Mind and Metaphysics

Marc Sanders Foundation Conferences aim to bring together experts in the field to present their research and interact with one another’s ideas. These conferences are held in conjunction with existing philosophy departments and are free and open to all academics, students, and interested members of the public who wish to attend.

The first Sanders Conference was held at Princeton University from November 1st – 3rd, 2013, on the topic of the philosophy of perception. These are recordings of the papers from each of the keynote speakers.

Please find a conference schedule here: Sanders Conference Schedule 2013 (PDF)

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Not All Perceptual Experience is Modality Specific

Casey O’Callaghan, Rice University

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Affordances and the Contents of Perception

Susanna Siegel, Harvard University

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The Particular Elements of Perceptual Experience

Susanna Schellenberg, Rutgers University

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Seeing-As in the Light of Vision Science

Ned Block, NYU

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Knowing that I am in pain

Alex Byrne, MIT

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Magnitudes: Metaphysics and Perception

Christopher Peacocke, Columbia University

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Real Direct Realism

Galen Strawson, UT Austin

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