Princeton Infinite Utility Conference

The Princeton Conference on Infinite Utility took place during October 2015 at Princeton University’s Palmer House. It was a joint venture between the Princeton University Philosophy Department and the Marc Sanders Foundation. Conference speakers included Nick Bostrom (Oxford), Mark Johnston (Princeton), Barbara Montero (CUNY), Peter Vallentyne (Missouri), Ram Sewak Dubey (Montclair State), Kenny Easwaran (Texas A & M), Philip Ehrlich (Ohio), Eddy Chen (Rutgers) and Daniel Rubio (Rutgers). Videos of many of these workshop-style presentations can be found below.

Big Picture Thoughts on Infinite Utility

Peter Vallentyne, University of Missouri

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More is Still Not Always Better

Barbara Montero, CUNY Graduate Centre

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Realism and Hypereals in Infinite Decision Making

Kenny Easwaran, Texas A & M University

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Cantorian and Non-Cantorian Theories

Philip Ehrlich, Ohio University, Athens

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Great Expectations: Surreals and Infinitarian Paralysis

Eddy Chen and Daniel Rubio, Rutgers University

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Intergenerational Equity on Infinite Utility Streams

Ram Sewak Dubey, Montclair State University

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Some Issues Related to Infinite Ethics

Nick Bostrom, Oxford University

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