The Mentoring Workshop 2023: Cohorts

June 11-13, 2023

University of Missouri

Epistemology, Social Epistemology, and Philosophy of Science | Mentor: Joyce C. Havstad

Room: Strickland Hall 113

o   Bondurant, Self-Knowing as an Epistemic Virtue

o   Dang, Group Belief Revision and Scientific Change

o   Falbo, Inquiry for the Mistaken and Confused

o   Koslow, Going on in Not the Same Way

o   Thompson, Justifying Participatory Research: Distinguishing Political and Epistemic Reasons

o   Zhao, Non-Epistemic Values For Epistemic Gaps

Philosophy of Mind | Mentor: Nico Orlandi

Room: Strickland Hall 115

o   Barranco Lopez, Commitment Normativism: A Novel Normativist Approach to the Nature of Belief

o   Landers, Sexist Perception

o   Rosen, My dream body and me

o   Soter, Rethinking (In)voluntarism

o Vaughn, Molyneux’s Question and Common Sensibles

Ethics | Mentor: Anne Margaret Baxley

Room: Strickland Hall 304

o   Dean, Food Ethics and the Family

o   Donohue, The Scylla and Charybdis of Paternalism and Moral Complicity

o   Flowerree, The Ethics of Interpretation

o   Johnson King, The Slow Clap Phenomenon

o   McDonald, Speech Acts and Normative Powers

Moral Psychology | Mentor: Lisa Tessman

Room: Strickland Hall 305

o   Kostochka, A Little Mood Music: Aesthetic Mood and Its Relationship to Psychological Mood

o   Phillips-Garrett, Contempt, Self-Respect, and Humanity

o   Ren, A Zhuangist Defense of Resilience

o   Schmidt, Toxic Positivity and Emotional Mistreatment

Philosophy of Gender | Mentor: Ami Harbin

Room: Strickland Hall 306

o   Bell, Playful Resistance: Gender Norms as Games

o   Ciurria, Academic Philosophy and White Supremacy Culture: Intersecting Oppressions 

o   Corredor, Moral Transitions and Bad Sex

o   Edell, The scapegoat logic behind anti-transgender legislation

o   Sullivan, Zhuangzi and Contemporary Cisheteronormativity: A Critically Eclectic Approach to Trans and Queer Philosophy  

Oppression Theory | Mentor: Alison Reiheld

Room: MU Student Center 2206 A/B

o   Forbes, On Wooing [epistemic dimension of patriarchal power]

o   Greene, John Stuart Mill, the Jamaica Committee, and Racial Whiteness as Property 

o   Martín, Is Oppression Group-Based? An Alternative Conception of Oppression

o   Stewart, To Respond or Not to Respond? Microaggressions and Double-Binds

o   Thomas, The Creation of the “Other”: America’s “Sick Civilization” and Epistemic Silencing·  

Political and Legal Philosophy | Mentor: Lori Watson

Room: Strickland Hall 309

o   Heydari Fard, Diversity, Polarization, and Dynamic Structures: A Structural Turn in Social Contract Theory

o   Kling, The Ethics and Politics of Uncivil Obedience

o   Lemay, Going With and Against the Tide: the Global Movement Against Gender-Based Violence and Solidarity Theory

o   O’Brien, Standing Outside the Law

o   Szende, Human Rights and the Exclusion of the Stateless

o   Wirts, Ineffective and Unjust: Criminal Law’s Failure as a Tool for Feminist Norm Change

Bioethics | Mentor: Karen Stohr

Room: Strickland Hall 311

o   Clune-Taylor, Arguments for a Ban on Intersex Surgeries: A Dis/Analogy with Jehovah Witness Blood Transfusion

o   Fice, Privilege and Vaccine Resistance

o   Finley, Mad Pride, Mental Disorder, and Identity

o   Kennedy, Pregnancy in the Face of Partial Ectogestation: A Choice or a Moral Obligation?

o   Rees, Agential Corrosion and the Business of Medicine

o   Valentine, Reparations for Racialized Reproductive Oppression

Continental Philosophy | Mentor: Cynthia Willett

Room: Student Center 2204

(*Note: Working group will be held in Student Center 2206C in the Monday, 6/12, 1:00pm block).

Anthony, Figures of Suffering: Dionysus, Apollo, and Silenus

Barillas, On Being Stuck: Powerlessness as Impotentiality  

o Polish, Simone Weil’s Decreative Deduction

Wieseler, Why ‘Impairment’ is Insufficient for Describing Embodied Experience

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