Ethics Bowl

National High School Ethics Bowl logo

The Marc Sanders Foundation is proud to be a sponsor of the National High School Ethics Bowl, an event organized by the Parr Center for Ethics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

The Ethics Bowl is a competitive event in which high school teams analyze a series of wide-ranging ethical dilemmas. Responses are judged according to the quality of a team’s reasoning and how well team members present their case, analyze the morally relevant features of the case, and anticipate and preemptively respond to commentary and questions. Over 2,500 high school students will participate in 2018 with the aim that they ultimately deepen their understanding and appreciation of interesting ethical and philosophical issues.

Listen to or download an entire audio-documentary produced from the 2017 competition.

The Marc Sanders Foundation provides prizes for the top four teams. The two winning student teams and two semi-finalists, as determined by the Ethics Bowl Executive Committee, will each receive a $2,500 award.

The 2018 prize winners

(In order of rank)

  1. Kent Place School, Summit, New Jersey (photo coming soon)
  2. Stanford Online School, Virtual school
  3. Glendora High School, Glendora, CA
  4. Maryville High School, Maryville, TN

The 2017 prize winners

(In order of rank)

  1. North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, North Carolina High School Ethics Bowl 
  2. Oregon Episcopal, Oregon High School Ethics Bowl
  3. Kent Place, New Jersey High School Ethics Bowl
  4. Herron High School, Indiana High School Ethics Bowl

The 2016 prize winners

(In order of rank)

  1. East Chapel Hill High School, North Carolina High School Ethics Bowl
  2. Harvard-Westlake High School, Los Angeles High School Ethics Bowl
  3. David H. Hickman High School, Missouri High School Ethics Bowl
  4. Greenhills High School, Michigan High School Ethics Bowl