The Marc Sanders Foundation is proud to fund forward-looking programs that increase the visibility and inclusiveness of philosophy for the next generation.

Minorities and Philosophy
Minorities and Philosophy is a network of graduate students across many PhD-granting departments working to address the underrepresentation of minority groups in philosophy.

Advancing Women in Philosophy
Advancing Women in Philosophy is a networking and mentorship program connecting women graduate students in philosophy with faculty for workshops and programs.

The Mentoring Project
The Mentoring Project connects junior, untenured women faculty with a network of tenured women in philosophy to support ongoing professional mentoring.

Ethics Bowl
The National High School Ethics Bowl is an annual competition where regional teams from around the country compete at UNC Chapel Hill in ethical discussions meant to advance ethical thinking in young people.

The TH!NK program at UC Irvine aims to foster early philosophical thinking and discussion among fifth graders in local schools in Orange County, CA.

The Summer Program for Women in Philosophy at UC San Diego
The Summer Program for Women in Philosophy is an annual workshop at UC San Diego for undergraduate women interested in more advance study in philosophy.