Philosophy of Religion Prize 2019 announced!

Marshall Thompson is the winner of the 2019 Sanders Prize in Philosophy of Religion!  His prize-winning essay will be published in Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion.  Marshall is a fourth year PhD student at Florida State University.  His research focuses on philosophy of action, ethics, and philosophy of religion.

This year’s competition included 53 submissions and featured Dean Zimmerman (Rutgers), Lara Buchak (Berkeley), Neal Tognazzini (Western Washington), and Frances Howard-Snyder (Western Washington)  as judges.  In addition to recognizing Marshall for his prize-winning essay, the judges would also like to recognize three outstanding runner-up essays (in no particular order): ‘How to be a Mereological Anti-Realist’ (by Andrew Brenner), ‘Creativity in Creation’ (by Meghan Page), and ‘Being Good and Loving God’ (by T. Ryan Byerly). Read the abstract and paper here.