D’Alessandro, Phillips, and Rimell win the 2016 Sanders Graduate Student Awards

The Marc Sanders Foundation joins the APA in congratulating the winners of the 2016 Sanders Graduate Student Awards:

William D’Alessandro (University of Illinois at Chicago), for “Grounding, Dependence, and Mathematical Explanation”

John Phillips (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), for “Doxastic Options and the Viability of Epistemic Utility Theory”

Nicholas Rimell (University of Virginia), for “Sex, Deception, and Will”

In keeping with its mission of encouraging and recognizing excellence in philosophy, the Marc Sanders Foundation has dedicated resources to an annual essay competition, designed to promote excellent research and writing in philosophy on the part of younger scholars. Essays are  submitted for the annual APA Eastern Division meeting by graduate students, as chosen by the Eastern Division program committee.

D’Alessandro, Phillips, and Rimell will receive a monetary award of $1000 and will present their winning papers at the 2017 Eastern Division of the APA in Baltimore.

For more information on this prize, visit the Sanders Graduate Student Awards page on the APA Website.