2019 Political Philosophy prize goes to Helen Frowe

Helen Frowe, Professor of Practical Philosophy and Director of the Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace is the winner of the 2019 Sanders Prize in Political Philosophy. Professor Frowe’s paper, “The Duty to Save and the Duty … more

Athena in Action profiled!

Athena in Action, an MSF funded program focused on mentoring graduate women in philosophy, was recently profiled at Princeton. Learn more about Athena in Action here.

2019 Metaethics Prize awarded to two papers.

For the 2019 prize cycle, the Marc Sanders Foundation and Oxford Studies in Metaethics received 33 submissions. The selection committee, made up of prize director Russ Shafer-Landau (Wisconsin), David Plunkett (Dartmouth), Sarah Buss (Michigan), and Nadeem Hussein (Stanford) have selected two … more

Philosophy of Religion Prize 2019 announced!

Marshall Thompson is the winner of the 2019 Sanders Prize in Philosophy of Religion!  His prize-winning essay will be published in Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion.  Marshall is a fourth year PhD student at Florida State University.  His research focuses on philosophy … more

Geoff Sayre-McCord is our new Executive Director

After an extensive search, the Marc Sanders Foundation is happy to announce that Geoff Sayre-McCord, Morehead-Cain Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at UNC Chapel Hill has been appointed our new Executive Director. Sayre-McCord brings with him years of experience founding and … more

Sanders 2018 Prize in Philosophy of Mind awarded

Congratulations to Jonathan Simon, Postdoctoral Associate in the Philosophy Department at NYU, and Research Fellow at NYU Center for Mind, Brain, and Consciousness for winning the 2018 Sanders Prize in the Philosophy of Mind for his paper “Experiencing Left and … more

Sanders 2018 Early Modern Philosophy Prize awarded

Congratulations to John Grey of Michigan State University for winning the second biennial Sanders Prize in Early Modern Philosophy. John’s paper is “The Metaphysics of Natural Right in Spinoza” and was selected among 31 entries to this year’s prize. The … more

Sanders 2018 Public Philosophy Award announced

Congratulations to Regina Rini, and Amia Srinivasan for winning the two Sanders Public Philosophy Awards for 2018. Regina Rini, Canada Research Chair at York University, has won the prize for a previously unpublished piece for her essay “The Last Mortals.” … more

Sanders 2018 Book Prize to Kris McDaniel

The Sanders-APA 2018 Book Prize goes to Kris McDaniel (Syracuse) for his book, The Fragmentation of Being (Oxford University Press). More information, including a synopsis, is here.

Sanders 2018 Metaethics Prize Winners Announced

Daniel Z. Korman (UCSB) and Dustin Locke (Clarement McKenna College) are the winners of the Sanders Prize in Metaethics for their jointly authored paper “Against Minimalist Responses to Moral Debunking Arguments.” The abstract and paper are available here.