Rutgers-Columbia Workshop on Metaphysics of Science: Quantum Field Theories

What is the metaphysical status of quantum field theory (QFT)? How should field theories be interpreted? These questions have received considerable attention over the past few decades in various research projects in physics, mathematics, and philosophy, but there is no clear consensus on any of them. One finds a variety of different approaches to understanding QFTs — Algebraic QFT, conventional QFT, Bell-type Bohmian QFT, etc. — and different interpretations — realism, instrumentalism, and structuralism. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches? What is the status of the measurement problem in these theories? And more generally, how should QFT inform the metaphysics of science?

The two-day Rutgers workshop aims to bring together researchers who work on these different approaches. It will provide opportunities for in-depth discussions about metaphysical issues in QFT.

Conference Date: May 1718, 2018

Confirmed Speakers:

David Baker (Michigan)

Tian Yu Cao (Boston)

Anna Ijjas (Columbia)

Michael Miller (Toronto)

Laura Ruetsche (Michigan)

Roderich Tumulka (Tubingen)

David Wallace (USC)

Porter Williams (Pittsburgh)

Local Discussants:

David Albert (Columbia)

Jonathan Bain (NYU)

Elise Crull (CUNY)

Sheldon Goldstein (Rutgers)

Barry Loewer (Rutgers)

Tim Maudlin (NYU)

Jill North (Rutgers)

Jonathan Schaffer (Rutgers)

Ted Sider (Rutgers)

Dean Zimmerman (Rutgers)

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