APA Graduate Student Prizes

Current Competition Details

The Marc Sanders Foundation has partnered with the Eastern Division of the APA to establish three annual APA graduate student prizes for the best papers in mind, metaphysics, epistemology or ethics. Prize winners will receive a monetary award of $1000 and their papers will be presented at the Eastern Division of the APA.

Applications for these prizes are to be submitted to the Eastern Division Program Committee of the APA. Details can be found on the APA Website.

Prize Winners

The following graduate students have each been awarded a $1000 prize for their papers, which will be given at the Eastern Division meeting of the APA.

2016 Winners

William D’Alessandro (University of Illinois at Chicago), for “Grounding, Dependence, and Mathematical Explanation”

John Phillips (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), for “Doxastic Options and the Viability of Epistemic Utility Theory”

Nicholas Rimell (University of Virginia), for “Sex, Deception, and Will”

2015 Winners

Kevin Dorst (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), “A Contextualist Solution to Miner Disagreements”

Joshua Brandt (University of Toronto), “Partiality’s Negative Analogue”

Matthew Shields (Georgetown University), “Can Reality Be Resisted? The Limits of Haslanger’s Account of Social Construction”

2014 Winners

Brian Collins (University of Iowa),  “A Political Interpretation of Aristotle’s Ethics”

Kevin Houser (Indiana University–Bloomington), “Empathy Re-Moralized”

Mark Makin (University of California, Irvine), “Rigid/Generic Grounding and Transitivity”