The Mentoring Project

A Mentoring Workshop for Non-Tenured Women in Philosophy

There is mounting evidence that mentoring is important for success in academia. Women are underrepresented in the profession of philosophy, particularly at the senior and tenured levels of academia. The Mentoring Project aims to build long-term mentoring relationships between eminent senior women and junior women in the field of philosophy. Read an interview here with co-director Louise Antony. 

The Mentoring Project conducted its inaugural workshop in 2011 following a model designed by women in the American Economics Association, which has proven remarkably successful. The 2019 workshop was the fifth biennial philosophers Mentoring Project, and happened between June 23-25th at Boston University.

The Workshops are co-directed by Professors Louise Antony and Ann Cudd.

photo of Louise Antony
Louise Antony
Professor of Philosophy, University of Massachussetts, Amherst

photo of Ann Cudd
Ann Cudd
Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor, University of Pittsburgh

Visit the Boston University mentoring project website for more information.